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Alexis Pastuch


Hi. I’m Alexis. I work at a National Charity. The program I am involved in involves teaching soft skills to individuals looking to enter or re-enter the workforce. I was involved in the program’s infancy. I helped in choosing which skills would benefit participants the most. I took the course myself. After the classroom portion, I connected with a life coach to help me get through things I was stuck on. I was then offered an opportunity to take a life coach course myself. I am a graduate of Adler Graduate Professional School’s coaching program. 

I believe that everyone can live their lives exactly how they want to. It is okay to have bumps in the road and ask for help. There is no shame in leaning on someone when you need to. It’s hard to be vulnerable but it takes courage to show it. 

I know what it feels like to be “stuck” and how good I feel after I go through a coaching session and I want my clients to feel the same.


To be a beacon of light so my clients can live fully and authentically!

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I am offering individuals a chance to attend coaching sessions with me. There will be an initial intake session so we can get to know each other, and it will give me a chance to learn what you need guidance on. After the intake session, we will connect twice a month, or another agreed upon schedule.

Another service I am offering is group coaching. I will group together clients looking for guidance on the same issue..

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